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-   OUR STORY  -


The vision for Legends Coffee was dreamt up over the course of several years together and instilled in our hearts as a commitment to loving our community above all.  We love what coffee does within our community: it acts as cultivator.  Good coffee draws in good people and enables us to bring joy to their life as we share our passion with them.  In turn, we have developed so many wonderful relationships in our community and aim to cultivate them so that everyone who walks into Legends knows they are always and forever welcome here.    


    Our passion for coffee stemmed from numerous barista positions in all kinds of coffee shops.  We have taken pieces with us of our experiences to bring our vision to life, while also providing a sustainable business model that keeps our family of five well fed and abundantly blessed. 

We have grown in knowledge for this tiny, little bean and how far it has come from seed to cup.  We take great pride in knowing we are the last hands to touch these beautiful coffees before serving them to you and we want to represent our coffee farmers with integrity so they can rest knowing their years work is being served at its highest potential. We encourage you to sip intentionally and enjoy all aspects of coffee!


    We believe that the greatest Legends and stories ever told were shared over a simple cup of coffee and we hope you begin yours at Legends Coffee. We are grateful for the chance to serve, to smile, and to bring specialty coffee to Aurora, Colorado. 

Jacob & Tabitha Wickline, owners of Legends Coffee, at their very first Southlands Famers Market in 2014.

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